Community Partnerships

• The Cayucos community pledged to raise $100,000 in community support to help secure grants
• Close to $700,000 has been raised:
     - $265K was spent on the rebuild which included a new lighting and electrical system and fire-line
     - $300K will be kept in a restricted trust fund to be used to encourage future County inspections and maintenance 
• SLO County has budgeted or secured over $3,500,000 to complete the rebuild.

Donate Today

Save Cayucos Pier - donate today
  All donations are tax deductible
  EIN# 77-0496500

Community organizations in Cayucos have banded together to create a partnership with the County of San Luis Obispo in order to rebuild the Cayucos Pier. Calling themselves the Cayucos Pier Project, they pledged to raise a minimum of $100,000 to help secure grants needed to complete the project. As it turns out the Pier Project has raised close to $700,000 and the rebuild cost approximately $3,500,000. Of those funds $100,000 was given to the County to help pay for the rebuild. Approximately $165,000 was used to provide a new electrical and lighting system and fire-line for the pier.

All donated money beyond the $265,000 itemized above will go into a restricted trust fund explicitly for pier maintenance on into the distant future. This trust of approximately $300,000 will be used to supplement, not take the place of, an established SLO County pier maintenance funding. If you would like to contribute to that restricted fund to help ensure that the pier remains in good condition please donate today.

Buy and Sponsor a Pier Plank or Pier Piling

Although the pier is complete, it is still possible to make a donation. The Cayucos Pier Project offers different levels of sponsorship until December 31, 2015. All donated money will go directly to the maintenance trust fund. No orders for plaques will be taken after this time.

You can buy a new pier plank for $1,000 or a new pier piling for $5,000. At these levels your family, friends or business will have a permanent bronze plaque installed on the pier commemorating your donation.

If you have made a previous registered donation to the Cayucos Pier Project Fund and would like it credited toward Plank or Piling Level Sponsorship, please call 805-503-5982 and we will be happy to assist you in ensuring that your donation is credited.

Save Cayucos Pier Donation form Checks should be made payable to Cayucos Pier Project Fund and sent to: CAYUCOS PIER PROJECT
P.O. Box 893 · Cayucos, Ca 93430

Your donation is tax deductible. EIN# 77-0496500

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