If you have hiked before, you already know by now that having the right gear might be essential for the success of your hike.

Having the right backpack while hiking is important as you need to carry everything you need, but you also need the lowest weight that you can get.

A backpack too small doesn’t fit all your items, whereas a backpack that is too big means too much weight and discomfort on a long hike.

Always get a backpack with an internal frame as it’s able to keep everything self-contained and is also very popular. The internal frame includes a large integral compartment on the bottom to store your sleeping bag. This way the bag is protected from the elements and you can’t lose it or damage it either.  Some internal frame backpacks use compression straps to make the backpack compressed when not full.

When it comes to the size of your backpack, this depends on the type of your hike. Most popular choice is 50-80 liters’ backpacks and they are versatile and efficient in most situations. The backpacks in the 20-30 liter range are one day packs, and they are sometimes called daypacks. Keep in mind to never leave the house with a backpack completely full.

When it comes to the life span of your backpack, the most likely to wear out first are the zippers and the straps. Find a backpack with double stitching, high-quality zippers and tough buckles. A ventilation system on your backpack is also a feature to look for.

The pack frame might be small, medium, large or extra-large. Women typically choose a medium backpack, whereas men’s most popular choice is the large pack. Some manufacturers make backpacks especially designed for women, that fit a woman’s shoulder, for instance.