Cayucos Pier with Morro Rock
Cayucos Pier wit ships
Fishing at Cayucos Pier

Rebuild Scheduled

Thanks to generous Cayucos Pier lovers, over $500,000 has been donated to help rebuild the pier. The county of San Luis Obispo has scheduled the rebuild of the pier to begin October 2014. The rebuild is estimated to cost up to $3.5 million. The County has acquired all the necessary permits and arranged for all the funding. Approximately $230,000 of the donated funds will be given to the County to help pay for the rebuild and to pay for a new electrical and lighting system.

Help Preserve the Pier on into the Future

The Pier has been saved! Now we are doing what we can to make sure it stays in good repair for future generations. The Pier Project Committee has approximately $270,000 (beyond what will be given to the County for the rebuild). The Committee intends to dedicate that $270,000 to the long-term health of the pier. That money will be kept in a restricted pier trust fund and used to encourage the County to do regular professional inspections and maintenance on into the distant future. We intend for that restricted fund to be in place for many, many years and consequently, we are still accepting donations.

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